Take the ego out of things and there is so much more to enjoy.

Just take it out of the equation:  wants, unrequited desires, dissatisfactions, petty grievances, (or large ones) etc. Just take them out when you’re living.

While you’re being.

Unless you are in physical pain or danger…(deeper challenges FOR CERTAIN), cast away any thoughts of displeasure.

Breathe in enjoyment…..

Breathe out enjoyment…..

Breathe in enjoyment….

Breathe our enjoyment….

Nothing to be mad about.

Nothing to be stressed about (unless it’s REAL, and you all know what I’m talking about…), nothing to be disgruntled about, nothing to be afraid of.

Only the drive to live, to live, to LIVE!!!!!!!!!

Or not.

Whatever the case may be.

It certainly will be the case, eventually……that our form will change….

But while we’re here…(it’s so hard to get to but once you do it seems so obvious)…while we’re here in this stunning world…. Goddess KNOWS I AM NOT THE FIRST ONE TO SAY THIS BUT let’s really

Be Here Now. (Thank you, Ram Dass). 🙂


Sea Spray, Tulum, Mexico 2009

Sea Spray, Tulum, Mexico 2009