Gorgeous Full Moon last night.

The Full Sturgeon Moon – risen up over the land, full of the powerful energy of promise…bringing a current of electricity that is palpable and divine surging through my veins.

Sitting in the dark, meditating in front of my glowing owl lamp, I am flooded with a profound awareness manifested in one phrase that repeats, slowly, purposefully, soberly, over and over again:

I am….so….fortunate. I am….so….fortunate…..I AM


To be alive. To be whole. To have eyes that see. To have healthy cells. Blood & bone, for now…for now…to have feet and hands….a beating heart. To have given birth to a healthy child. To taste, to swallow. To feel. To be aware. None of this is taken for granted. None of this is permanent. Everything can and will change. But for this moment, for this moment, every part of my being is experiencing

well being.  And that is a gift. A gift not to be taken lightly.


My brain begins to list the blessings of the known world, it is endless, it is infinite….the things I am grateful for…

earth air water fire

stars and shell and bone and grass and sun and light moon and night skin and touch lips and kisses words music wind and sand animals humans poems beauty ugliness children love pain sorrow- that which is broken that which is whole that which is new that which is old, what has come and gone, what will never come again and what will come that is known and unknown. The mystery. Every detail as sweet as plums and astonishing.

In the face of such blessings other thoughts come that cause my face to flood with humility and bend down.  An awareness of the responsibility that comes with health, on every level; an awareness that those who are able to do the work that must be done to ‘repair the world’ (as they say in the Kabbalah) must do that work. MUST be of service. Must.

The super heroes are not the naturally strong, not the uber fit and beautiful, not the cocky and confident and brilliant ones, the burning man beauties…no…though we worship them as gods…

The heroes are every single creature and human who face the day without this or that faculty, without wellness, without wellbeing, with handicaps, with illness, the sick and the lost and the heartbroken and dying. That includes us, when we are challenged with such hardships, that includes us, when we get up and face what is, when we commit to life over and over again each day, not knowing if or when we will ever feel or be, whole again.

Responsible. Listening the hearbeat of the world. Paying attention. Loving what is, and doing everything in our power to make it better. Wearing our gratitude on the outside.  Sharing who we are, hoping that it helps.

Blessed be.  Blessed, blessed