“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Plutarch

With reflection I see that without reflection I would not understand, I would not fully grasp, the work I have yet to do…

Without reflection and quiet I would not see the ‘gems’ that lie within, (the creative potentials within every single one of us) to be brought forth and worked and developed and loved and polished until they shine…

When I am quiet, and still….

When I am quiet. and. still –

All that needs mending comes rushing to the surface.

When I am quiet and still                                                                                                            all that needs tending comes rushing                                                                                    to the surface…

In the stillness I am forced to recalibrate time, the time I will need, to do the mending……………click click

ahhhh. That’s right…I have all the time in the world……I have all the energy I will ever need, to live, and to be useful and to love….

The Blue Pearl, the Diamond, the core gem of the meditation process is the recalibration of time straight into the center of beingness. Right Now. For real.

This peace IS what Love is. When we feel loved and are loving, we are generally kind. Kindness =Love. Right there that changes the world. 🙂

All the time in the world…..all the time in the world, stress ain;t sexy…..stress ain’t cool ……..ahooooooooooobreathingyeah…….RELAXING>>>>>>>>>>>>

Breath:……. air, delicious, light, fluffy AIR dancing in between the molecules of the thoughts in my mind…coming home to rest from thought is the only thought…home….

Polishing the gems from the mine                                                                                           of my mind.

From my hands

pearls fall

to the Earth.