Welcome readers!

The gurus say: “let peace begin with me”.

Marianne Williamson says: “getting quiet rights the Universe”.

I am curious about this “righting”, curious about what getting quiet reveals. I am a meditation novice, and a single, working mom with many creative aspirations. It’s not always easy to find the time, to make the choice to meditate, when the tasks of life call continuously, and the creative voice clammors even louder. What to do with the minutes, the moments, the hours of the day when there is always, for all of us, so much to do?  

Last year I began meditating…just a little, but it was incredibly healing. I was meditating to look back, to face the deep wounds of the past, to face myself, and to make amends in my soul. This year, 2009, I want to explore meditation more, do it consistantly and see where it takes me. This blog is about that exploration.  What comes up, when I sit, and am quiet? I’m going to try and put those thoughts here, in the pure form in which they bubble up from my ragged, voraciously curious, ever seeking psyche.  

Thank you for sharing the journey with me! 

Peace and love and all good things,

Linda Viens

P.S. Original drawing for header is by my dear friend Conrad Haberland, a great great artist. Check out his site on my links list! 🙂