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What a beautifully synchronistic number. ūüôā

I am loving the magic of symmetry. Of things lining up.

Not in a rigid, inflexible, unsupple way, but rather in an organic, elemental way. Like music and swimming.

Out for a run in the emerald evening dusk tonight, I felt myself hit a stride,  a oneness with breath and body, where the air itself was no less essential, crucial, or powerful than my muscles and I, no longer silent and invisible but rather, vocal, and equally powerful, my friend, and it was blowing my mind. There was a physical/emotional/mental recognition/a precognition of the biological source of all that we are, and how far our insanely sophisticated intellect has brought us. But when we stop, breathe, listen..we easily remember that pure symbiosis of Life is happening with all creatures and elements, continuously, flowing, moving, contracting, expanding and interacting

at all times.

Without Air I am nothing. Without Water I am nothing, without Sun, Earth, Humans, Plants, Stars…

I am nothing.

Could interconnectedness BE more obvious?

I am laughing with joy.

How could I live without these things I take utterly for granted? Clearly, I cannot! I am excited to recognize this in my body. In my heart and mind.

On the dark stretch of asphalt I am running I think about the long shadows (and tremendous accomplishments of course) that human pride and ‘progress’¬†and ingenuity have cast over the more delicate, non-verbal, but just as strong, elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire (these include of course all earthly creatures and plants including other humans). We speak, and act as if the privilege of language should allow us exploitation and destruction. We use words and weapons and technology to exploit that which does not…speak…..or can be easily tamed, farmed, developed.

Diamonds and coal. Coffee and oil. Copper and sugar. Cars and cocaine. We produce and consume and drain, produce and consume and drain, to feed and satisfy ourselves. ¬†And I get it, I use it all too, want it all, feel a right to it all….But tonight….the air, is speaking to me, using it’s voice to ask me to be aware and to appreciate its gorgeous life giving molecules…I am relishing the air and it is ravishing…it asks me to take better care…to be more conscientious in my choices…

And precious water, full of life and singing it’s sweet ballad, it talks to me when I guzzle it down in gratitude, full of thirst, a thirst that only cool crisp water can quench…

I am here for you, I love you. I give myself to you. Please take care of me as I take care of you…

Precious water, I hear you…and my molecules thank you….Thank you the water says….and flows on….

Human pride, dominating, driving it all ever onward, more spectacularly than our hunter forbears could ever have imagined…using EVERY resource¬†possible to build its imagined dream or maybe that’s not true, maybe our glittering cities and erect, strong, leaping bodies were always there in the primeval imagination of our ancestors…the imagination that has taken us to so many places….:)

I experience this “awareness of symbiosis”, this “Oneness” I have read about so many times, as an absolute Truth.

Like so many before and so many after – I want to shout my vision from the rooftops, and join the ranks of problem solvers and pragmatists, dreamers and activists, visionaries, seekers all.

The Oneness that so many of us have sought, and blessedly sometimes found – why we meditate and sit under trees, and listen to the wind –¬†our teachers have reassured us that it’s¬†right here,

every time we take a breath.

Everything we ever need to know.

And my pumping heart and lungs affirm. Gratitude floods through me, at the top of the hill…catching my breath, gulping the air, slowing down…breathing.

For if I need you, and you need me, then we are responsible to each other and for each other. Our biological DNA tells us so…(Brother Plankton, Sister Air,¬†I pledge to be a steward to your biological body as you are to mine. I pledge to care for you and treat you as my own kin ...)

Everything is mutual. We trash one, we trash the other. We nurture one, we nurture the other.

Let’s keep sending up smoke signals of love and hope and care for this world,

beautiful, vibrating, peaceful warriors!

It is not too late to learn to be better stewards of this Earth, and of each other.

Blessed Be, so mote it be.

L ūüôā


Doubting oneself is the biggest timesuck of all.

I’m going to try harder not to

waste time,

doubting myself.